This bespoke challenge – to create bags to fit with the film “Trolls” – required an investigative trip to the cinema with the kids! We loved the wall-to-wall rainbows and sparkles, and had to reflect them in this bag, which contains:

– a troll-shaped milk chocolate lollipop;

– a rainbow mosaic kit;

– a flashing “Hug Time” ring (for girls) or LED finger torch (for boys);

– an official “Trolls” multi-colour pen;

– an official “Trolls” rubber; and

– a retro long-haired troll keyring.

In the words of Princess Poppy: “Happiness isn’t something you put inside – it’s already there. Sometimes you just need someone to help you find it”. We hope that these bags helped the birthday girl and her friends to find the happiness inside!

“The party bags are amazing, thank you. The drawings are superb and the chocolate, I just want to eat now!!! You have put a lot of thought and care into them, thank you. The ribbons are pretty and bright too, just all very lovely.”

– Sarah, Hertfordshire