Bugsy Malone

At Beanstalk Bags HQ we have been diehard Bugsy Malone fans since we were kids, so we were thrilled to be asked to put these bags together for a next-generation-Bugsy-fan’s 8th birthday party. The bags formed the basis of the party, with lots of activities to keep the kids busy and lots of gorgeous gangster and doll delights to take home too. Each bag contained:

– a can of non-toxic Bugsy SPLURGE spray with a plastic plate “applicator”;

– a Blousey Brown felt hat;

– a Dandy Dan moustache;

– a “My Name is Tallulah” flapper headdress kit;

– a (Mr) Big Quiz;

– a long string of pearls;

– a “special on the rocks” retro cocktail glass with light-up plastic ice cubes; and

– a chocolate lollipop, decorated with glitzy gold and silver hundreds and thousands.

“The bags were an absolute triumph. Moustaches worn, hats worn (all weekend), splurge fight – epic, flashing ice cubes – genius, quizzes completed, headbands decorated and chocolate lollipops eaten. Thank you, thank you, lovely Beanstalk girls!”

– Liz, London